Resurrection and Saint Paul Infrastructure

Information Technology Role

We help our customers (Resurrection’s staff, volunteers, Saint Paul staff, faculty, students, and guests) make effective use of information technology to enhance and accelerate ministry in support of the church’s and the seminary’s purpose, vision, and journey.  We are responsible for the availability (it’s working), performance (it’s fast enough), functionality (it has the needed features and produces the needed results), and security (the information is safe) of all the applications, infrastructure, and services we provide.

Information Technology Motto

Our customer’s mission is our mission and our default answer is “yes.”

We manage and support


15 physical servers (Dell, IBM), 60+ virtual servers, 360+ desktop and laptop computers (Dell, Apple)


4 iSCSI SAN (EqualLogic and IBM) – 21 TB Raw, 2 external DAS (Dell, Apple) – 4.5 TB raw, 16 TB raw internal server and video storage, 3 TB NAS.

Operating systems

VMware vSphere 5.5 and 5.1, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7, Windows XP Embedded, Linux (Debian and Ubuntu), Mac OSX


Leawood Campus network connecting two buildings with a fiber optic backbone, Southcreek office network, Resurrection West network with two buildings, Resurrection Downtown network with two buildings (1522 McGee and 1508 Grand), Resurrection Blue Springs network, disaster recovery data center at 1102 Grand, Saint Paul office network, Saint Paul at OCU videoconference service, site-to-site network (Level 3), 2 firewalls (SonicWALL), 50+ switches (HP, Dell, and Cisco), 1000+ copper Ethernet ports, 27 wireless access points (Ruckus), 50+ printers, 8 Active Directory servers and 3 additional DNS servers

Telephone systems

250+ phones, 3 digital phone and voicemail systems (Vertical/Comdial FX II, Avaya), hosted VoIP phone system (Avid Communications)


Office 365 hosted Exchange, 2 e-mail servers (Exchange 2007 and 2013), 6 web servers (Apache 2, IIS 6/7), 2 database servers (MySQL), web site (TYPO3), WAN links to the Internet: 150 Mb/s (Level 3)

Church management system

Arena (people) and Shelby V5 (financials) running on SQL Server 2012

Information security

Anti-virus/anti-spyware (ThirtySevenFour), anti-spam (Office 365 and Barracuda hosted by MBS), software patches (Windows System Update Services and Windows Group Policy), firewalls (SonicWALL) managed by Dell SecureWorks, and backups (R1Soft and Veeam Backup)


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