iTunes/QuickTime isn’t optional

Three months ago I posted about how I was fed up with iTunes and was uninstalling it. Well … here I am downloading iTunes and QuickTime. I’m NOT happy about it, but too many things just assume you have it. My new digital camera (purchased to replace the one in my stolen laptop bag) records short videos. Alas, I can’t watch them because they’re in QuickTime .MOV format. I’m a podcast fan and too many of them just assume iTunes – they don’t give you the feed URL for other podcatchers such as Juice. Is there any other way?

I’m giving up on iTunes and QuickTime

The continual new versions and annoying nags to upgrade took their toll.  With every upgrade I got unwanted desktop, quick launch, and tray icons that I had to delete.  The way Firefox interacted with iTunes to play MP3 files was way lame too.  Then Apple’s attempt to push out Safari via the iTunes updater was the last straw.  My only use for iTunes was as a podcatcher.  It’s a very good podcatcher, no argument, but I just couldn’t stand the constant fooling with it.  So now I’m using Juice to download podcasts and the way cool K-Lite Codec Pack with Windows Media Player. 

All of you with iPods and iPhones, I know this doesn’t apply to you.  But what about everyone else?  Are you as tired of iTunes/QuickTime as I am?

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