I’m giving up on iTunes and QuickTime

The continual new versions and annoying nags to upgrade took their toll.  With every upgrade I got unwanted desktop, quick launch, and tray icons that I had to delete.  The way Firefox interacted with iTunes to play MP3 files was way lame too.  Then Apple’s attempt to push out Safari via the iTunes updater was the last straw.  My only use for iTunes was as a podcatcher.  It’s a very good podcatcher, no argument, but I just couldn’t stand the constant fooling with it.  So now I’m using Juice to download podcasts and the way cool K-Lite Codec Pack with Windows Media Player. 

All of you with iPods and iPhones, I know this doesn’t apply to you.  But what about everyone else?  Are you as tired of iTunes/QuickTime as I am?

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4 thoughts on “I’m giving up on iTunes and QuickTime

  1. The Cybernetic Entomologist April 21, 2008 / 6:03 am

    When I reloaded my machine recently, I never reinstalled iTunes (or QuickTime, for that matter). Can’t say as I’ve missed it. Safari blows bad enough on the mac, can’t fathom why anyone would want to run it on their PC.

  2. Greg Nilsen April 21, 2008 / 6:06 am

    Yea, I gave up on iTunes over five months ago even though I have an iPod. I just tired of the constant bulky updates and the awful QuickTime integration on Windows. Then when I saw them pushing Safari as well, I just shook my head and laughed. I know I don’t need the worst browser, at least since Netscape kicked the bucket, on my system.Anyway, I switched to Winamp, a program I used to use a lot during my college years but switched away from after I got my iPod because they didn’t support it. Well, now they do, and I have to say that I’m much happier using Winamp than I was with iTunes.

  3. Ann April 22, 2008 / 5:59 am

    agree with you. DRM…. I just want to be able to play my media on any platform that I choose. DRM is like going into your local stereo shop and having to purchase a DVD player for each movie studio.So now I found a great decission – MelodyCan converter (http://www.melodycan.com) which helps me to resolve drm-protection problem.

  4. deviantmonk April 25, 2008 / 12:10 am

    I definitely hate the incessant updates for Quicktime, iTunes and most of all, Safari. I love my Mac, but I have never used Safari once on it, and I think I despise it. Yes, in fact, I do. Quicktime’s performance on PC’s is abysmal, but it’s smooth as buttery goodness on my Mac. It also encodes things pretty nicely, unless, of course, you want to play them on a PC, or run them in MediaShout…(grrr…..a lot of bitterness there, since I have to waste so much time encoding AVI’s…)re: iTunes- while some people rave about its organizational abilities, I personally hate it in regards to this. I think WMP does a better and more intuitive job of it. Crap…my Software Update wants me to upgrade to the most recent version of Safari…and of course it requires a restart. Somehow I’m thinking it’s not going to happen…

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