Are church websites important?

Here are a couple of recent posts by Sam of “remixable” that help us understand and articulate the importance of church websites in reaching people today and having credibility.

First, he asks whether a church is invisible if it doesn’t have a website. He then goes on to talk about local search, which is a subject that’s very much on my mind.

Second, he speculates about how the web could be used to enhance Sunday morning sermons. We’re thinking about that a lot and are in the early stages of building a TYPO3 extension that would make the sermon simply be a milestone in the middle of a longer theological conversation that starts the week before and continues indefinitely afterward.

One thought on “Are church websites important?

  1. Fuzzie October 5, 2005 / 8:21 am

    Oour Pastors just got back from the Leadership Summit held at your church and they loved it, and your website!Ours is here:

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