No church on Christmas?

Seems as if this whole “no church on Christmas” thing is generating a lot of discussion. Even national popular press stories are appearing, such as this on one MSNBC.

Chuck Russell, my fellow Appian Way blogger, linked one of his seminary professors, Ben Witherington, who really blasted churches for closing. Ben’s post drew a lot of comments.

Another perspective is from Perry Noble who explains why he decided not to have services on Christmas. Perry also takes the opportunity to poke fun at the controversy.

And then there’s Rich Tucker who linked a very old story about Resurrection explaining that we’ve bucked the trend by being traditional in some ways, yet we’re still successful. By the way Resurrection is having worship on Christmas Day, and so is my wife’s church, Living Water. So hey, if your church is closed, you’re always welcome here. 😉

One thought on “No church on Christmas?

  1. Stuart Cowen December 7, 2005 / 10:47 pm

    I heard a blurb on the local radio about that this morning. I’m fine with not going to church on Christmas because I believe is a time for families to reflect and celebrate the birth of our Savior. Harkening back to my Church of England days, I wouldn’t mind attending a midnight service ushering in Christmas day. I especially like what Michael Card said his family did in a book or article some years back. On Christmas Eve, they got in the car in search of an empty barn or stable and then had a family devotional reading in Luke 2.

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