What can we learn from b-linked?

A number of church tech bloggers have linked and commented on the reports regarding a recent study about teens and religion (for example: here and here). Teenage Research Unlimited did the study for B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO) an international group committed to reaching and teaching Jewish teens.

There are actually two stories here. The first story is the survey data (Word document) that BBYO released and many newspapers reported and bloggers have commented on.

The second story is that BBYO has built a new online community for Jewish teens called b-linked. The site is their strategy to address two findings: 68% of teens say religions is important to them and 92% say they want a better connection. I wish I had more time to investigate and comment further on this, but at first glance it seems that they’ve spent some money and built a really nice site. They report having 3,480 teens signed up so far. We need to pay attention to this. If they stick with this strategy and make it work, there will be a lot for us to learn.

2 thoughts on “What can we learn from b-linked?

  1. Scott Reese January 29, 2006 / 3:35 pm

    Thanks for the article Clif Guy. It is quite helpful to me as I begin developing an outreach site to teens. Those statistics 92% of teens wanting a better connection with religion shows the awesome potential of revival in this generation.It also shows the importance Christians and the church to use the Internet and media as a way of getting the GOOD NEWS out in a way that they can connect with.I also want to say thanks for including one of my posts Adventures of a Web Evangelist (oct. 24) in your blog.May the Lord bless you and your team!(Wesley) Scott ReeseMy parents named me after John Wesley and my grandfather was a lay Methodist minister – good to see what you guys are doing!www.fishblog.orgwww.christcares.orgwww.internetministry.infowww.Godinfo.info

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