Scott Reese on Myspace & Paul

In case you didn’t see Scott Reese’s post on Myspace & Paul, I wanted to highlight it even though it’s been four weeks since he posted it. Scott is doing some very solid thinking here.

Since summer of 2005 I’ve been thinking a great deal about how blogging and social networking sites (like Myspace, Xanga, and Facebook) can be used for evangelism and outreach. See some of my previous posts on the subject here, here, here, and here.

I’ve made some efforts to educate management here at Resurrection about the potential, but haven’t been able to spark them into action yet. Is anyone out there aware of a church that’s effectively reaching out through social networking sites?

3 thoughts on “Scott Reese on Myspace & Paul

  1. Kyle M March 10, 2006 / 4:53 am

    Clif,The Youth directors of the LCMS in california have a myspace group for college students and most of the larger congregations have groups or at least their youth leaders are online chatting with the kids and planning hang out times.

  2. Clif Guy March 10, 2006 / 12:10 pm

    Interesting. Could you point us to one of those groups so we can see how it works?

  3. gavin richardson March 15, 2006 / 1:16 am

    i have set up a group called, tennessee methodists, one of my youth set up our own youth group page, we’ve just started this prayerroom which i started by asking pastors to join and help support.i don’t use it as a primary means of communicating, & i don’t promote it, but if they are on myspace i tell them to join up and use it to communicate to who is there.i’ve been able to get kids to come back to church, set up times for hanging out, encourage them through breakups, all that stuff with an environment that is cool. which makes me cool and lame that i am a 30 year old doing myspace, almost two years ago when i started doing that there weren’t many 30 year olds on myspace.

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