Scoble on ugly design

Robert Scoble posts today about websites that are “ugly” but still commercially successful. He calls this “anti-marketing design.”

But, go deeper: we’re sick of committee-driven marketing. We don’t believe it. If we ever did. We’ve built a bulls**t filter that filters out well-designed things in a commercial context. We trust things more when they look like they were done for the love of it rather than the sheer commercial value of it.

That certainly contradicts studies I’ve seen that link credibility to appearance. The same content when presented more beautifully will be considered more authoritative. What’s wrong with being beautiful and “real” at the same time?

One thought on “Scoble on ugly design

  1. misspelledyoth March 5, 2006 / 3:18 pm

    Well, we’re finally coming to a point where the importance of the “techishness” of something has been eclipsed by the passion behing the url.Websites had to look super-duper and professional/corporate in the past to assuage concerns that the site was legit – and that it would work. We were in the beginning of the Interwebs and no one trusted anything.But now that we have things “working” people have gotten over concerns that a funky-looking site may be suspect. The web pretty much works now and the population’s innate concerns with new tech have faded.People are more comforable now and aren’t freaked out or intimidated by non-traditional design because they are resonably certain that the tech behind the front page will do what it is supposed to do.Passion is creeping forward now that it has the tech legs to stand on.Thanks for reading…

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