Young Christian’s Weekend

Last weekend I went as a sponsor with my kids’ youth group to Young Christian’s Weekend (Christianity Today article from 2001) at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. This was approximately my 8th time to go as a sponsor over the last 20 years (started going even before we had kids). This is an event that is often life-changing for youth. They hear a big-name Christian band, a simple but compelling presentation of the Gospel, and Joe White, one of the top youth speakers in the nation, with a heart-tugging message at worship on Sunday morning. It’s awesome.
The bus, the motel, the park tickets, the food, the games, the goofyness, the sleep-deprivation, the bunny ears, the bone-jarring bands, the air freshener … thousands of dollars. One moment with Joe White telling kids about Jesus … priceless. (That’s why I keep going back.)

Saturday rally at the ampitheater

My son, Robbie (center with hat), chillin’ at the rally

My daughter, Beth, with the trip mascot, “Super Turtle”

4000 youth rockin’ out

Our youth (in green) rockin’ out with the other 4000

Joe White preaching at Sunday morning worship

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