I’m done with Pluck

I’m done with Pluck.

Last summer when I began blogging and reading blogs on a regular basis, I surveyed the available RSS readers and ended up liking and using Pluck. I liked Pluck because it integrates with IE and it allows me to mark posts as read so at any time I can come back and see easily the unread posts.

Unfortnately, Pluck has been neglected. It hasn’t been updated since last November and now certain bugs are really starting to bug me. Recently I realized that Pluck was missing new posts in some of my favorite blogs. It also frequently has errors reading feeds, which show up as messages I have to mark as read.

I tried Bloglines, which is cool, but it won’t import my OPML and I don’t have the patience to re-subscribe to all of my feeds in Bloglines.

I’m playing around with Vista beta 2 and Office 2007 beta 2. Vista comes with IE 7 with its built-in RSS reader. So that’s my new reader, at least for now. Goodbye Pluck, I’m sorry to leave but you let me down.

One thought on “I’m done with Pluck

  1. James July 18, 2006 / 2:12 pm

    FYI, the guys at Pluck are retooling their business and their reader isn’t part of it, AFAICT. You are wise to dump it.

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