SQL Server woes

Our Shelby system is down right now because of ongoing woes with SQL Server. When you are responsible for IT in a very large church that uses Shelby for every aspect of church operations, “Shelby down” is not a happy thing. This is an unplanned outage made necessary by the fact that every time we ran a bank reconcilliation this afternoon, it blew up SQL Server 2000 (errors in the log and the need to manually restart SQL Server every time).

In response, we’re moving our database to a new server running SQL Server 2005. This is something we’ve been working on for months. The final step before moving to 2005 was to install Shelby 5.6.2000, which we did earlier this week. (Since we’re down, we’re installing the 5.6.2009 brand new patch right now.)

We’re now 105 minutes into an unplanned 30 minute outage. Remind me again why I have made a 22 year career in IT???

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