Visual communication

At Church of the Resurrection we’re working to get better at visual communication. Visual communication is much more effective than communication with words alone. The problem is, most of us (me included) spent the majority of our education years learning how to communicate with words. And most of us (me included) have spent the majority of our careers communicating with words — memos, e-mails, talking with co-workers, speaking in front of groups, etc. We need to learn a new skill: visual communication.

Kathy Sierra is one of my favorite visual communicators. Her recent post on creating graphics illustrates why. Kathy, thanks for helping us with this. (Notice that even this post on visual communication has no visuals. See? I need to learn it too.)

One thought on “Visual communication

  1. Jim Walton November 22, 2006 / 12:36 am

    That post you are referring to, by Kathy, made me realize I needed to add more visuals to my blog. It also made me aware that I could actually do it, the way she described how to do it. Today was my first post with pictures included, just for the sake of adding pics. I agree, we are a visual society, I think we need to stimulate our eyes, in a positive way, of course.

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