The DST Saga Continues (with a happy ending, we think?)

Tony has been blogging about various Daylight Savings Time issues at Perimeter Church here, here, and here. We, too, have had some serious headaches with this. I commented on one of Tony’s posts saying that we couldn’t get the Exchange Calendar Update tool to work. Tony generously put the question out to IT Discuss and we got a response from Jason Hand of Walk Through the Bible. Thanks Jason, but unfortunately it didn’t help.

So … Yesterday, when everything was going horribly wrong 😉 Ian, our network administrator, found someone at Microsoft who could help us. He posted a full explanation of what happend here. Turns out even the developer at Microsoft who wrote the tool couldn’t get it to work in our case. In the end he threw up his hands and had Ian do a manual workaround to the front-end of the process that allowed the rest of it to run successfully.

Things have finally settled down here. We have only a few, minor issues being reported today. DST – was it fun for you?

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