Fall Roundtable update

From the number of comments on my Fall IT Roundtable Invitation, it seems like we’ll have a great group here in Kansas City for the Fall Roundtable. For now I just wanted to acknowledge all the responses. There will be a lot more information and discussion about the Fall event during the Spring Roundtable in Houston. We want to get feedback from the Spring Roundtable before we start posting more specifics.

Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter.

2 thoughts on “Fall Roundtable update

  1. Chris April 12, 2007 / 10:21 pm

    Clif:I am unable to make it to the Spring IT Roundtable but I am very interested in attending the fall one you plan to host. Are we able to register yet?

  2. Clif Guy April 12, 2007 / 11:37 pm

    Not yet. I expect we’ll open registration around May 1. I’m glad to hear you’re interested.

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