Moving Day 1

We’re working closely with our Facilities Department to move 50 staff people, starting yesterday through the end of next week. Yesterday was Move Day 1 when we moved 21 people from Central Campus to the leased office at Southcreek. Next Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be moving 11 people from one place to another within campus (including Andrew). And then Friday we’ll move another 18 people from campus to Southcreek. Whew!

Philip (foreground), Jeremy, and Brian working among the cubicles:

Movers from Fry-Wagner:

Dick Cooper, our Director of Facilities, holding forth:

Jeremy prepping phone cords:

Ian, concentrating on settting up phone extensions, amid the chaos:

Kelly Williams (center) and some of her staff from the Finance Department surprised us with lunch (what a blessing!). Uber voluteer Doug Blackwood, retired from management of the help desk at HP, is on the far right.

One thought on “Moving Day 1

  1. Andrew Conard April 14, 2007 / 10:12 pm

    Clif – Thanks for the great pics and the plug. I’m looking forward to being settled somewhere in the next week. Thanks for all the work you guys are putting in!

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