ESX update

Our VMware ESX project is well underway. Ian, our server/network admin, and I have been spending a great deal of time communicating with our ESX consultants and documenting both our existing configuration and our intended configuration when the project is complete. A detailed plan is beginning to emerge.

While we’re at it, we decided to upgrade the power distribution and core network switching in our data center. We have temporarily stacked two APC 2200 UPSes, the new Dell/EMC AX150i SAN with its dedicated UPS, and both the existing and the new Dell 2950 servers. All of this will be permanently installed in our new Dell cabinet when it arrives this week. We also installed a second HP 4104 switch to provide redundancy for both the SAN and the primary network.

Our consultants have loaded ESX Server onto the new 2950 server. The next step is to install Virtual Center onto a desktop computer that will be used for management. Once that is done, we will avail ourselves of Dell’s remote install assistance they bundle with every AX150 sold.

Our consultants will be in all day Friday and Saturday to complete as many of the remaining tasks as possible. Our goal is to have at least one or two virtual servers running on the new 2950 by Saturday.

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