In Fort Worth for General Assembly

Our family has been in Fort Worth since last Wednesday for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) bi-annual General Assembly. I’m a life-long Disciple. My dad was a Disciple pastor for 40+ years; my sister, brother, and sister-in-law are DOC pastors; and now my wife is a DOC church planter. Yes, I’m a church nerd even when I’m on vacation!

On Thursday we’re driving down to the Big Bend area. Will be there for 3 nights. Then San Antonio for 2 nights and Galveston for 2 nights before returning to KC. It’s a driving tour of Texas in the hottest weeks of the summer. Are we nuts? Actually, the weather hasn’t been bad at all compared to other Dallas-Fort Worth summers I’ve experienced. I hope it holds up.

l to r: my son Rob, age 15; my wife Laura;
my brother Greg (also a DOC pastor); my daughter Beth, age 18

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