General Assembly is a family affair

General Assembly of the Christian Church is a family affair for us. My dad was a DOC pastor and his sister Marje also married a DOC pastor, Mickey. Uncle Mickey also had brothers who were DOC pastors. Each of them had children that are DOC pastors: my brother, Greg, and his wife, Karen; my sister, Mary; my wife, Laura; my cousin, Michael and his wife, Jennifer; my cousin Marci married a DOC pastor, Dan; and my 2nd cousin Shannon married a DOC pastor, Kevin. Is that ridiculous, or what???

At the closing worship service, the following members of my extended family were in the house.

l to r: niece Elizabeth, daughter Beth, niece Judith,
wife Laura, son Rob, brother Greg, niece Kimberly
Kevin and my 2nd cousin, Shannon
Jennifer and my cousin, Michael

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