Info for vendors coming to the RoundTable

Will vendors be allowed to come to the Fall 2007 RoundTable?

Yes! Vendors are our partners in ministry. They supply most of the technology we use for ministry. We hope to honor them and show our appreciation for their service. Accordingly, we encourage them to attend, participate fully in all the social times, participate fully in the large group sessions, and observe the roundtable sessions. By “observe,” we mean that vendors will not have a seat at table and will not be permitted to speak, but will be able to attend, listen, and learn. We are doing this because we don’t want the RoundTable to become a captive audience for a sales pitch or a forum for vendor debate.

Unlike the Spring 2007 RoundTable, we will not have vendor presentations. Instead, vendors are especially encouraged to participate fully in the Topic Bazaar, planned for 2.5 hours on the last day of the event. Vendors can host discussions, informally demo their products (using laptops and WiFi – no projectors or display tables), and join in discussions hosted by others. We don’t intend for this to morph into a mini trade show, just an opportunity to delve more deeply into topics that have come up during the roundtable sessions.

We’re expecting 50-80 church IT people and 10-20 vendors to attend. The only cost to vendors is the normal registration fee of $34 per person.

Vendors that would like to sponsor a meal or support the event in any other way should e-mail me: clif.guy at cor dot org. Vendors shouldn’t feel obligated on this at all. It’s just a way to help if they’re so inclined. All sponsorship will be anonymous because we don’t want them to feel any pressure of one-upping each other (like that could happen?!).

And yes, a vendor is a vendor for the purposes of determining who can talk at the roundtable sessions. If you are a consultant or have any kind of product or service to sell to churches, then you’re a vendor. 🙂

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