Transportation between airport and hotels

Some people have asked about getting from KCI Airport to the hotel and/or church and then back to the airport at the end of the RoundTable.

The hotels we have arranged don’t have shuttle service. However, there is a KCI Shuttle that operates between the airport and many hotels here in the southern part of the metro area (Johnson County). To use this service, simply stop by KCI Shuttle’s ticket counter, which is in close proximity to all baggage claim areas in the airport, to purchase a ride to your hotel. Advance reservations are not required but are recommended if arrival time is after 9pm. Cost is $49 per person (each way); each additional person within the same party is then $7 to $10 ea. (each way). When buying your ticket you can schedule your pickup, too. KCI Shuttle’s phone number is 816-243-5000.

The hotels are 4-5 miles from the church. We want to bless you, serve you, and ensure that you have a great time when you’re here. In that spirit, I’m happy to help you get back and forth between the hotel and the church, but with 60 people coming in, I can’t fit you all in my van in one trip! Hopefully, only a few of you will need a ride. 😉

One thought on “Transportation between airport and hotels

  1. Dean Lisenby September 6, 2007 / 12:33 pm

    If needed, Mark and I can give a ride where needed!

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