Dinner with Alfred; Dinner with Robin and Ben

Last night I had dinner with Alfred Johnson, head of sales and marketing for Shelby Systems. He flew in to Kansas City just to spend a few hours with me. I took him to the quintessential barbecue place of Kansas City – Arthur Bryant’s. Alfred could eat only half his sandwich. Yes, the beef sandwiches at Arthur Bryant’s really are that big! It’s ridiculous.

Sounds like Arena is coming along nicely. I’m not sure how much of our conversation I’m at liberty to discuss but I can say that Alfred has Web 2.0 and social networking on his mind.
I’m wondering if Dave Winer is right (see this and this). Will Twitter become a de facto standard for identity on the web? If so, could that eventually allow ChMS providers to integrate seamlessly with things like Facebook and Circle Builder? Hmmm …

I’m writing this post from the Charlotte airport. Tonight I’m having dinner with Robin Clayton and Ben Jordan of ACS Technologies. Then I’m visiting ACS all day tomorrow to talk strategy. Standby for a report on that trip.

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