Viral stewardship campaign

Resurrection is in the middle of the annual campaign to get pledges for the next year’s operating fund. I’ve personally been involved in a lot of data analysis and list generation for the different segments in our target. Since I have fund raising on the brain right now, Katya Andresen’s post yesterday about convincing people to support your cause (church) caught my eye. She said:

Since nice is not enough, you’ve got to answer all of these for your supporters:

1. Why me? Why should people care about you, and how are you revelant [sic] to their lives, their values, their priorities?
2. What for? What do they personally get out of supporting you and what social good will result?
3. Why now? What’s so urgent about your appeal? Why should people act now?
4. Who says? How credible is the messenger? Who thinks this is worthwhile?

Her point #4 sparked a thought. I wonder if there is a way to get the lead donors of the congregation involved in encouraging others to give. Could we come up with some kind of viral campaign so that the message is coming from fellow congregants rather than the senior pastor and staff? Hmmm …

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