Cape Town Day 5

Saturday was our one and only "down day" of the trip.  What a refreshing break!  Laura and I took the commuter train two stops south to Simon’s Town, home port of the South African Navy and the famous Boulder’s Beach penguin colony.  We saw the ships;  we didn’t see the penguins.  Maybe tomorrow?  (I did see a penguin on Robben Island, but I wasn’t in a position to take a picture of it.)


1. Every day since we arrived we’ve had a couple of hours without electricity.  This is due to a planned program of "load shedding."  In other words, there isn’t enough power being generated to meet the needs of everyone at once.  So at any given time, some people don’t have it.  As I’ve said, this is a mostly 1st world metropolitan area, and then you’re reminded by lack of electricity for a certain part of each day that you’re not in Kansas any more.

2. Laura ordered springbok for dinner today.  It was quite tasty.

3. We’re going to worship in a church in Guguletu township tomorrow.  We’ve been told to expect an amazing experience. 

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