MinistryTECH and Spring CITRT

ministryTECH 2 logo

This year Terrell Sanders of MinistryCOM fame is starting a new conference for ministry A/V and IT called MinistryTECH.  The inaugural event will be in Oklahoma City, April 3-4.  The next day, April 5, we will have the Spring Church IT RoundTable (CITRT) at Crossings Community Church, also in Oklahoma City.  See details on Tony’s blog.

I am planning to take a couple of people from my team to MinistryTECH and the RoundTable.  I will be presenting a breakout session at MinistryTECH about how church IT teams can provide excellent customer service.  Here’s my breakout description:

Users or Customers?

Do you struggle with getting users to follow your policies and procedures?  Do your users make unreasonable demands?  Do you find it difficult to know how and when to say “no?”  Frustrations with the users we serve are nearly universal across church IT teams of every size and situation.  Learn how you can think of users as customers, earn high marks from your customers, and reduce tensions between IT and customers through a default answer of “yes.”  Hear how Church of the Resurrection has built a customer-focused IT organization without creating a monster of unmanageable expectations.  This session will challenge some of your most basic assumptions about how you manage your IT infrastructure and serve your customers.

I hope to see you there!

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