Jon has already helped

We’re now in the middle of our Arena implementation.  A couple of days ago we became concerned about certain aspects of our Arena performance.  The thought occurred to me to contact Jon Edmiston to ask about his experience of Arena performance since he has a very large Arena installation.  We found the main number for CCV, called, and asked for Jon.  In a few moments his friendly voice answered – no appointment, no warning.  In fact, Jon and I have never met except through reading blogs.  And yet there he was on the phone. 

In 15 minutes he answered our concerns.  Turns out if you have a large number of tags (we do) certain infrequently accessed pages can take a long time to display.  We need to take care to prevent unnecessary tags from proliferating.

As we hung up he offered to help any time.  Thanks, Jon for being so accessible to us.  I hope we can return the favor sometime.

2 thoughts on “Jon has already helped

  1. Jon February 8, 2008 / 7:13 pm

    Hey no prob, it really was my pleasure! David has done a lot in the past few weeks to really get performance up. Yesterday he made some big improvements with the person details page. I mentioned our discussion on the list creation screen and he jumped on that this afternoon (amazing guy). He has it running a lot faster. I’m afraid that that screen will never be ‘fast’ because of the UI that needs to be populated, but I did notice a improvement.Performance is definitely on our radar at CCV. We just purchased a .Net profiling application to help.

  2. TonyDye February 10, 2008 / 8:47 pm

    Clif, rather interestingly, Jon has been helpful to us as well, and we’re not even targeted to be using Arena. Just a darn nice guy.

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