CITRT: Internet Campus – Terry Storch

Terry Storch,

Volunteers: Vols are involved in every aspect of Internet Campus: technology, greeting, communications, counseling, missions, etc.

Giving:  They have a way to permit people to donate without having an online account.  Done via PayPal.  They’re working on better UIs for online giving.  Difficult to design a system that works equally well for physical campuses and online campuses.  Made a change that increased physical campus giving 20% but decreased online giving 60%.  That was a bad day for Terry.

Sacraments: They taught on sacraments in a sermon series and lead IC congregants through the process of communion.

One thought on “CITRT: Internet Campus – Terry Storch

  1. Jerry - Living Word April 22, 2008 / 10:20 am

    I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my comments regarding However, I continue to cringe at the thought of both and the internet campus. I suspect that is because it is so unlutheran. It seems to be much more about showmanship than the Body of Christ. I don’t recall seeing a cross or an altar in the auditorium at The concept of not delivering the Holy Sacrament of Holy Communion during worship or being delivered without the consecration of an ordained clergy is truly alien & unacceptable to the Lutheran faith.

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