Next stop on the Shelby-Resurrection BBQ Tour

Ben Lane from Shelby is here for our Arena go-live tomorrow.  Continuing our long-standing tradition, we had KC barbecue for lunch.  Despite the crude and blurry cell phone pictures, I think you can get an idea of the experience.  Yum!

President's Platter from Gates


L to R: Linda Ronsick (data quality), Ian Beyer (cyberentomology), Matt Bradshaw (bit shepherd), Ben Lane (disc golf connoisseur and Arena trainer), Leo Johns (consultant, pro keyboard player, amateur disc golfer), Travis Morgan (MBA and disc golfer), Doug Blackwood (uber volunteer), Jeremy Grabrian (a man confident enough to wear shorts), Brian Slezak (curmudgeon)

Ian and Matt are carrying boxes of leftovers. Yes, we had so much food that even with 10 people eating we couldn’t finish it.  God provided abundantly for us.

Go live is tomorrow.  I hope we’re ready!

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One thought on “Next stop on the Shelby-Resurrection BBQ Tour

  1. Jason Gant May 5, 2008 / 9:57 pm

    love the links-good stuff!!

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