Should a congregation use technology?

Pastor Andrew Conard of our congregational care team at Resurrection is in a series of posts about the “business side” of the church.  I started to compose a comment to his post on technology and ended up with a post of my own.  So here are my thoughts in response to Andrew.

A local congregation isn’t a “business” in the sense of an organization that is operated with the objective of making a profit from the sale of goods or services.  Though its mission is quite different from that of a business, a congregation is an organization that should be just as purposefully operated as the most efficient and effective business.  We rightfully use different terminology when discussing congregational strategy, yet the parallels to business strategy are as numerous as they are obvious.  I believe God wants us to use our brains fully in pursuit of the mission He gave us.  When that means borrowing great ideas from business, we should do that to the fullest extent consistent with our mission.

So, to answer Andrew’s question, technology is largely created by profit-motive-driven businesses for the purpose of becoming more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.  Why wouldn’t a kingdom-driven congregation borrow those tools and techniques from business in order to become more efficient and effective in pursuing our God-given mission?

Once having decided to use technology, good judgment is required to apply it in a ministry setting.  Not every technology advances our Kingdom cause.  Not every shiny new thing is appropriate, effective, or affordable.  Even technologies that make a huge positive contribution commonly have a dark side that must be carefully managed.  WIth care, skill, and a willingness to invest, technology can be a major accelerator.  That’s why I feel called of God to use my secular technology skills in pursuit of Resurrection’s mission.  For a congregation to make optimal use of technology, it needs people like me to select, acquire, manage, and support it.  I am honored God has called me to serve in this way.

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