Unplanned blogging hiatus

Why did I launch clifguy.com and then not blog for 6 weeks?

  1. trip to Florida to meet with Christ Fellowship and Flamingo Road
  2. personal briefcase/laptop bag stolen
  3. lost my assistant Amy (promoted to the executive suite – good for her, bad for me!)
  4. interviewed for and hired Amy’s replacement
  5. several staff teams moving from one office to another requiring changes to the cable plant
  6. new private office for me (yea! but a took time to move)
  7. IT staff vacations, leaving me to cover
  8. end of fiscal year for my wife’s church for which I am the unofficial CFO
  9. obtained a new vehicle for my wife (yea! but a pain to research, test drive, etc.)
  10. replacement laptop arrived so I had to move onto it
  11. Glenn Kelley of Vine Hosting in for a 4-day visit
  12. my daughter returned home from 6 weeks study abroad in Europe
  13. major rain storm that flooded the basement of my wife’s church, the cleanup was left to me and Glenn due to many people from her church going on a mission trip
  14. trip to Colorado to take my 16 year-old son backpacking

In his blog roll Brian has me as “Clif Guy Some of the Time”. In truth, for 6 weeks it was “Clif Guy None of the Time”. Now you know why.

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