More good local press

In his October 13 editorial, Steve Rose, the publisher of a local newspaper, gives Resurrection’s Senior Pastor, Adam Hamilton, a very positive review.

Quoting from the piece: “Having seen Hamilton live and after hearing samples of his prior services, I can only say he is one of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers I have ever heard. His words are captivating, and his messages are very powerful.”

That’s awesome. Thanks Steve!

In an e-mail to the congregation, Adam had this to say in response: “First, I am grateful for the kind words of Steve Rose. He and his family are community leaders who have helped shape Johnson County in many wonderful ways. I was humbled and honored by his comments. I did want to offer two corrections to the column. The first has to do with the title; I am grateful to be the founding pastor of this congregation, and I thank God every day for the privilege of being your Senior Pastor, however I do not believe this is my church; this church belongs to God. If I had not been assigned to start this church, I am confident God would have called someone else; and if something were to happen to me, I am confident God would have someone in mind to take my place.

The second correction I would make would be to this paragraph, “The idea is to be inclusive and inoffensive. There’s usually no talk about controversial subjects such as abortion and homosexuality.” I think I know what Steve meant; I think he was contrasting us with some churches who seem to preach on these issues, particularly homosexuality, incessantly. As you know, we do talk about difficult issues, including abortion, homosexuality, stem cells, the war, racism, and other critical issues of our time. Though these are not our primary focus — our primary focus is on helping people become deeply committed Christians — our faith does touch on all of these issues. On some we take a clear stand; on other issues my aim is to help you to hear and understand those Christians on either side of the issue, and then to encourage you to think about these issues from a Biblical, pastoral and theological perspective. After attempting to model how we might listen to the claims of those with whom we disagree, I tell you how I see the issue. My book, Confronting the Controversies, is an example of how we’ve done this at Church of the Resurrection. I believe the Gospel will give offense at times — it will be a stumbling block. I used a quote in Tom Leathers’ funeral that captures one dimension of preaching — “to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.” I think that describes how I see part of the task of preaching at the Church of the Resurrection.

I am grateful to Steve Rose for his positive words about our church and for his leadership in our community.”

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