Wednesday night at the RoundTable

We have planned a very special experience for Wednesday evening at the RoundTable. It will be an oasis of quiet meditation and prayer in the middle of an otherwise brain-overloaded event. Personally, of everything we’ve planned, I’m looking forward to Wednesday evening the most.

We will begin with a candlelit banquet of the best barbecue in Kansas City. Then the band from my wife’s church, Fusion 112, will lead us in a time of intense, unplugged worship. We have chosen songs that many of you will know and are easy to learn if you don’t know them. My wife, Laura, will then bring a message based on 1 Sam 17:38-39 about David not being comfortable in Saul’s armor. It will be powerful and inspiring. After that we will share communion and have an opportunity to pray with each other and linger as long as we like. Nothing will be hurried or rushed.

It will be a time to pause, to remember who we are and whose we are, to forge deeper bonds with our church IT brothers and sisters, and to make sure the main thing is the main thing. I can’t wait!

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