Why it’s difficult for IT to love Apple

I’ve posted before regarding the difficulty we’ve faced when needing service, tech support, or parts for our Macs. With time and experience I think we’re learning to cope better, but Apple’s service still isn’t remotely comparable to Dell’s. We pay hundreds for AppleCare, yet it doesn’t include on-site service like we get bundled at no extra charge with our Dells. This is definitely a reason it’s hard for us to love Apple, but I think it’s not the biggest reason.

Given that Apple is such a strong company in design, engineering, and innovation, why are my main emotions toward them disappointment, irritation, and frustration?

Earlier this week Robert Scoble gave a great answer to this question: Apple over-promises and under-delivers. In reality, I think Apple probably delivers as well or nearly as well as any top-tier computer company. The problem is that it promises so much more. The arrogance is what sticks in my craw. If they were to compete humbly, recognizing their shortcomings and working hard to overcome them, they would earn my respect and I’d be likely to cut them some slack. As it is, every time we have a Mac issue, I’m freshly irritated by Apple’s consistent, brazen promise that their stuff never breaks. Thank you Scoble for articulating so well this nagging sense I’ve had for a long time. Now I know I’m not alone in that.

2 thoughts on “Why it’s difficult for IT to love Apple

  1. Wesley Sanders November 25, 2007 / 10:25 pm

    Have you considered Apple’s Self-Servicing account program? If you have enough Macs on your campus, you can do your own repairs and get reimbursed for parts and labor. You do need Apple certification for whomever does the actual repair.Anyway, I’ve found Apple’s service to be decent; any time I have had hardware problems, it has taken no longer than 48 hours for it to get shipped out to Apple , get repaired, and come back. Apple’s focus, however, is not enterprise, which has definitely cost them much in that market segment

  2. Nick Nicholaou December 31, 2007 / 12:58 pm

    I agree, Clif… Apple is a sort of conundrum. Because of their hype they are gaining ground in the marketplace. I’m working on an article now that addresses Macs in the ministry office, and am impressed with some of their engineering. However, as a colleague who’s a former Apple executive said, “They are an arrogant bunch.”

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