IE7 woes

Seems I’m not the only one who has abandoned IE7 after initially being a supporter. I switched to Firefox and Google Reader over the summer when my IE7 feeds stopped updating and I couldn’t figure out why. Now that I’ve been using Firefox for several months, I can say I’ve become a total convert. It’s faster, more stable, and easier to use. As for Google Reader, it’s fine but I can think of a lot of ways it could be better. In any case, I think it says a lot that I tried Firefox several times but always stuck with IE until a few months ago. Now that I’ve switched, it will be a long time before I switch back.

One thought on “IE7 woes

  1. Jim Walton December 6, 2007 / 3:00 pm

    It’s funny, it’s all in who you talk to, everybody has different opinions. I have been a firefox fan for years and anti-IE. Over the last year or so, until the 2.0 release of Firefox, it had been very slow. Now it’s much better. I like IE7 a lot, it’s the best version of IE since the days when Netscape and IE were head to head.I nearly switched back to IE over the last several months but just couldn’t do it. However, I do see it as a viable alternative and don’t complain if I have to use it, at least not too much. I’m loyal to Firefox.

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