MinistryTECH/RoundTable Day 1

Quick notes:

1. Good drive down.  Great weather in Oklahoma – clear skies, temps in the low 60s.

2. Ian’s cell phone as a mobile WiFi hotspot was a fun, nerdy experiment.  Turns out, when doing EVDO and WiFi, the phone consumes more power than can be supplied by Ian’s car charger.  After two hours of more-or-less continuous connectivity, the battery died despite being plugged in to the charger the entire time.

3. The WiFi in the Crown Plaza is bad.  B-mode only.  I got 184 kb/s down and 122 kb/s up.  Jason Lee had the same experience.  EVDO is 1229 down and 274 up.  How sick is it when EVDO is WAY faster than WiFi?

4. Although we are 15 miles from Henderson Hills in Edmond, this hotel will be a mini conference-central.  A bunch of us are staying here.

5. I’m rebuilding my Vista laptop.  Long story, but when the hard drive failed (yes, it was less than a month old when it started acting up) and there was no good way to recover and move to the new hard drive, I had no choice but to rebuild.  It’s an XP laptop now.  Heavy sigh.

6. I still need to put the finishing touches on my presentation.

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